PepsiCo’s earnings top estimates, but quarterly revenue declines for the first time in nearly four years

PepsiCo' – PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP) on Friday reported fourth-quarter earnings that beat consensus estimates.

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The company reported total earnings of $1.78 per share at $27.85B.  Benchmark’s survey by said earnings per stock would be $1.72 on a total of $28.38B for the year.  At the same time last year, earnings per stock were $ and total income was $.  The company last quarter reported total earnings per share in $.

PepsiCo’s stock has gained 2% this year in the results.  So far, the Nasdaq 100 has underperformed, rising 5.69%.

The case of earnings from PepsiCo, big companies of consumer non-cyclicals sector is as follows.

On January 23, Procter & Gamble announced its second quarter earnings per share, with total earnings of $1.84 per share for the year at $21.4B.  While the design was worth $1.7, the total revenue was $21.47B per.

General Electric announced on January 23 that its stock was maintaining stable expectations.  Q4 Earnings Preeti Stock Is $1.03, With Total Revenue of $17.16B Per.

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